Zenfolio | Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers | Frozen Head State Park April 17, 2010
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Wildflowers, butterflies and waterfalls in a setting of fresh green foliage presented a gorgeous exhibition of nature's springtime renewal. Twenty-five photogrpahers were treated to perfect weather and an abundance of excellent photo subjects on this early spring day.
Kris_Light_ Canada_VioletKris_Light_Bishops_Cap_close-upKris_Light_Cumberland_Spurge_FH1Kris_Light_Lousewort_top_FH2Kris_Light_Trillium_White_FH2BC_100417_9049BC_100417_9071BC_100417_9026BC_100417_9032BC_100417_9069BC_100417_9060SANP Frozen Head John P. Kernodle 04 2010 1SANP Frozen Head John P. Kernodle 04 2010 2IMG_5420aIMG_5425aIMG_5429aIMG_5433aIMG_5435aIMG_5437aIMG_5447a

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