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About 20 photographers made the trip to Max Patch. Cool temperatures with a mix of sun and clouds made this a great day on the mountain top. The fresh greens of spring accented by patches of wildflowers covered the mountain. Add in an occasional songbird and a few raptors, and photo opportunities were not difficult to find. What more could you ask for?
Landscape with HikerView from Max PatchSparrow on Bird HouseVesper SparrowBC_100522_9599BC_100522_9601BC_100522_9611BC_100522_9624BC_100522_9634BC_100522_9637BC_100522_9648BC_100522_9641Max Patch-227457 copyMax Patch-227478 copyMax Patch-227482 copyMax Patch-227491 copyMax Patch-227497 copyMax Patch-227498 copyMax Patch-227537 copyMax Patch-227591 copy

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